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Colt New Frontier.. ?
05-31-2021, 08:31 PM,
RE: Colt New Frontier.. ?
No problem with the cylinder at all Gary. Just my reloads which happily worked through the 1911 didnt seat fully without a lot of encouragement in the revolver cylinder. I was planning to use it as a 45 Colt only anyway and was
just burning through some reloaded ACP ammo I had left. Factory rounds perform without issue. I found this years ago with a 9mm cylinder also. The tolerances are kept quite snug with auto cartridges in revolver cylinders, distance to recoil shield etc. Once I revised my reloads or used factory ammo there was no problem whatsoever. It only makes sense that there would be marginally more 'give' in an auto with its enclosed breach & to promote reliability. The auto also has the weight of the slide and inertia from the recoil spring to fully seat the round.. rather than my thumb on a cold morning.
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05-31-2021, 08:42 PM,
RE: Colt New Frontier.. ?
What's the COAL of the loads and bullet shape?
Try this, bump them into a sizing die about 1/4".
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