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Powder Preference for 45-70
01-09-2021, 09:33 PM,
RE: Powder Preference for 45-70
Just to stir things up a bit!

After a former National champion advised me to try Swiss 1 1/2 back in 2003 I have been shooting it in two different .45-70s and a .45-90 (also a .40-65). In those 17 years I have placed in the top 3 in something around 35 mid-range and long-range matches and many of those were 1st place finishes. The wins include a number of regional championships and state championships.

That's a lot of cases of Swiss 1 1/2 that I have burned through and they have all delivered match winning accuracy for me. They have varied a bit the past few years, but I have made small adjustments to my load and been right back on top.

I do burn other powders when I'm fireforming, plinking or just fun shooting, but when I go to a match I want to win it's hard to think of anything else that I could put my confidence in other than Swiss 1 1/2.

I do plan to try some OE this year because I'm always looking for a less expensive powder with good accuracy so I can shoot as much as I want to just for fun.
Jim Kluskens
aka Distant Thunder

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