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Bullet Molds
05-03-2016, 08:52 PM,
RE: Bullet Molds
Ok sounds good Gary. Thank You

05-04-2016, 07:34 AM,
RE: Bullet Molds
Jim the big problem with using EDM to machine a mold cavity is that the nose will end up with some kind of a flat on it, the surface finish inside the cavity will most likely not be as good as a machined surface and unless your going to spin the mold blocks, you will end up with a series of arc's used to cut a circle. Yes the idea is good but in the long run it isn't going to be cost effective.
You are going to need several electrodes to finish out the cavity to get the nice sharp corners that are needed for the lube grooves, so that in essence will need the use of 2 machines. Plus add in the programing cost for each as well as the run time and they molds will end up being very expensive, to cost prohibitive.
It would be the same as the guy I read about over on another board, and I don't remember what board it was, I do deeply apologize for that, but he was using a very expensive vertical mill to machine custom designed mold cavities. Now I will admit that he produced some very neat and unique molds, some I wouldn't mind having, but if you figure machine time at a low end of $60/hr, and he ran the blocks overnight, your probably looking at an 8 plus hour job for a set of blocks. Who can afford to pat $500 for a set of mold blocks.
If you can stand a bullet with a flat on the nose, Accurate molds are pretty cost effective for what Tom offers. If you really want or need a full round on the nose, there are a lot of custom makers out there that do a really good job and I think that their prices are really affordable.
Personally I would love to visit with one of them and just see how they make the cavities in their lathe turned molds.
07-18-2017, 06:56 PM,
RE: Bullet Molds
Stephen B. I would say keep working on your business ideas, when you have the time and ideas. You'll get there. How do I know that? Well it turns out that my Dad had been a life long archer and he taught us 3 boys and was a Boy Scout merit badge counselor. But he had lots of ideas and was always working w/ something new. And guess what; he invented the compound bow. You have ideas, too. Go for it!


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