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Bullet advice
12-22-2023, 10:14 AM, (This post was last modified: 12-22-2023, 10:17 AM by JKR.)
RE: Bullet advice
As I stated before, this hunt was a birthday gift from my three sons. After talking to several outfitters they chose Travis Mickelson from Mud Butte South Dakota. Travis was open to me using traditional rifle and load, whereas others, not so much. Also, we were a party of six. Me being the shooter, my son Chris backing me up in case things went south, son Jason the photographer, son Jake, grandson Nick, and wife Joan, all observers. Travis had no problem taking this big group along on the hunt.
We met Travis at the designated locations and proceeded to his brother Tim’s ranch where we would be staying. Our lodging was in the loft of a small barn that was made into guest quarters. Very warm and comfortable. Bathroom, kitchen, TV, comfortable beds, very clean. The cabinets and fridge were stocked with drinks and snacks and the evening meals were provided by Tim’s wife. The food was delicious.
On Saturday morning Travis picked us up and we all proceeded to his ranch, which adjoins with Tim’s. The temperature was right at freezing and there was heavy fog. The plan was to glass for bison. When located Chris and I would move forward with Travis and everyone else would stay back. Things didn’t go as planned. Visibility was less than 100 yards. As we moved quietly through the fog, we suddenly heard grunts. Travis, Chris and I low crawled to the top of a knoll and immediately spotted Bison moving in and out of the fog. The wind was in our face so the set up was perfect until I looked through the sight! I had drilled out an aperture for hunting, but should’ve made it even bigger. I whispered to Travis that I wasn’t comfortable shooting. He said we’ll wait awhile for the fog to lift. It seemed like about a half hour and the fog lifted enough for me to be able to see through the sights. Travis asked ifI was ready and I agreed that I was.
We were there for a cow and Travis pointed out the one. I was in a solid sitting position with the rifle on cross sticks. I had been well coached on where to place the bullet. At the shot the Bison went about ten yards and went down. The bullet was perfectly placed to go through both lungs and exited on the far side.
We were back at Tim’s with the Bison at 11 AM. We all helped skin and Tim used his Skid Steer to hang it to cool.
Since we were done earlier than expected, the Mickelson’s felt responsible to keep us entertained. They took us coyote hunting! Tim provided rifles for all who wanted one and brought along his 50 BMG rifle for anyone who wanted to experience shooting one. No coyotes but a fun afternoon was had shooting the 50 and Tim and Travis shooting my Sharps.
Sunday morning Travis came early and cut the Bison into eight pieces which we put into game bags in Chris’s pickup box and covered with the hide. The meat had cooled perfectly over night.
We said our goodbyes and headed East. We drove straight through to Chris’s in Menominee and spent the entire next day butchering.
This all was great family experience made so by the Mickelson’s professionalism and hospitality. I can’t recommend them highly enough.
Oh, and did I mention, the meat is fantastic!

P.S. I haven’t figured out how to post pictures but I guess you’ve all seen a dead buffalo.
12-22-2023, 12:03 PM,
RE: Bullet advice
That sounded like a good Hunt Jim especially when you can take the Family along.
I never took a Cow, just meat bulls. I bet the meat is marbled and it would be tasty.
Next time ask me if I wanted to join you Big Grin

Carolyn, my Wife, asked me if she could come on this hunt and I asked Rick Hamilton if I could bring her along and he said sure bring her. She still talks about it. I will share this hunt with you the next time I see you up North.
Thank you for sharing this Jim.

This was my first up in North Dakota. I used my .44-90 bn. That was a good 1 shot but he went down at about 150 yards.
[Image: 6300100835_863ddd0610_h.jpg]2010 Fargo buff hunt 044 by Kurt, on Flickr
This was my last at the Hamilton Ranch in Nebraska Carolyn wanted to join me at.
[Image: 29896477660_717208d217_k.jpg]IMG_1650 by Kurt, on Flickr
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