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A gunsmithing question.
09-18-2022, 11:02 PM,
A gunsmithing question.
Bought a Browning medallion 22 hornet on the net. The barrel has some pits which I can easily live with. However, the throat is pretty bad.

Question, can the barrel be set back a couple threads and rechambered to clean it up and retain the factory markings?

Would a "throating", like paper patch chamber work?

A new factory barrel is still available, but, in the white and no markings.
09-18-2022, 11:52 PM,
RE: A gunsmithing question.
It should be able to set back
It would need some adjustment to the forearm most likely
A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd.
09-20-2022, 11:08 AM,
RE: A gunsmithing question.
In spite of the bad throat and rust pits, it will still shoot an inch or less. Needs some trigger work and a little wood removed. Barrel looks like it was shot with black powder and not cleaned!! I used a carbon remover and got near a dozen black patches out of it.

I have another one, different version, and it's around a half inch shooter. But it's glass pillar bedded and has a very light trigger.

Sorry about the off topic post but I know there some good brains and experience on here, not keyboard specialists!!
09-20-2022, 11:30 AM,
RE: A gunsmithing question.
Well before going to the problems of barrel set back and chambering stuff, maybe go to work on the bedding, and the trigger. Keep scrubbing on the barrel, maybe with something like the Montana extreme copper killer stuff, then keep working on loads. It may turn out to be a real gem.
Some of those older Hornets had a .224+ groove diameter.
Keep us posted on the progress, the Hornet is something I've always had on my want list but never got around to checking it off.
A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd.

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