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Starts with a bang - Hiwall55 - 09-03-2022

September early goose season started on Friday, got 6 honkers on a sandbar on the Ole Miss. Saturday started off Bad, towboat parked right where we were going to set up, then the fog came rolling in, coaxed 3 bunches of Canada geese in and ended up getting 15, back home by 10:30,Nice.

RE: Starts with a bang - DirtySteve - 09-03-2022

Great job.. Sounds like a great time.

RE: Starts with a bang - Gussy - 09-03-2022

I've got a 10ga ML double. That would be fun! I've gotten turkey and ducks with it. Never a goose. Hasn't been fired for at least 10 years. Sits in the safe and likely not going out again.