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Forming Cases and other things
Yesterday, 05:22 PM
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RE: Forming Cases and other things
I was a bit surprised my self, that is kind of why I picked that case to play with. I have 50 nickel Rem cases that have been shot with BP and they are just hanging around. I use Win cases for the sharps and the rest of my rem cases are for smokeless. If you look close you can see the web area hasn't filled out and probably will not but as long as the body taper fills out, and it has, and the shoulder didn't split all should be good. I would like to fire form the rest of them before I shorten them down to the 60 length but need to find something to put in the case rather than bullets. I figured I got lucky with the one that didn't fill the nec/throat area with lead but my luck can only stretch so far. I guess maybe COW would work. However with the weather turning cold and such casting time is coming up and burning powder will wait till spring.
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Yesterday, 06:37 PM
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RE: Forming Cases and other things
Well the cases will shorten when they expand. Even a full length sized case will shrink some when fired.

When I formed my .44-90 bn cases from .44 basic I filled the case with junk mixed powder and gave it heavy compression with three card wads and fillet it with corn meal again and compressed it and fired them like blanks the first shot and that did a good job, but I did not have to blow out the case walls like you did. I just formed the shoulder and neck. I also reduced the loaded round case neck some and left it long and let it blow into the throat lead. This worked fine for me and it gave me a point where to trim the case a little long for the second firing so they weren't short. A little more work but the cases turned out the way I wanted them.

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Yesterday, 08:45 PM
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RE: Forming Cases and other things
As I mentioned earlier I've done a little experimenting with brass for the .44-77.


Left to right:

JBA The good stuff.

BACO converted .50-110 brass.

.300 Win. Mag. with the belt removed and a new rim swaged in place.

Bertram 45 Base brass with the rim pushed forward to .076 thickness.

Starline 45-2.6 brass with the rim pushed forward to .076 thickness.

All of these would make usable brass. The .300 Mag is the most work. The Bertram and Starline are very easy really.

The case capacity does vary, but really only with the Bertram the others are fairly close. I set up with 85.0 grains of 1 1/2 Swiss thru my 14" drop tube into each case and measured the distance from the case mouth to the powder. This is what I found:

JBA .150"

BACO .160"

.300 Win. Mag. .130"

Bertram .300"

Starline .165"

The rims on the two .45s probably wouldn't have to be pushed forward, you could just head space on the shoulder and there should be enough rim for extraction, but I also increased the rim diameter to .625" while pushing it forward.

Jim Kluskens
aka Distant Thunder
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Today, 05:50 AM
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RE: Forming Cases and other things
Interesting comparison there Jim, especially the additional depth afforded by the Bertram basic cases. An additional .135 - .150 is quite a jump. I'd be curious to know how much of that is brass thickness vs case length vs head thickness. It's all a bit academic as I'm finding 84 x Swiss 1.5 is more than enough to get the job done.. provided I get my side of things in order Rolleyes. I have some Bertram 45/110 cases sitting in my workshop so I might just run a couple of them through the sizer to see how they pan out. The Norma basic I tried once worked a treat but then Jamison/ Captech came good with supplies at the time so I stopped pursuing that option. Only wish I'd had a few more dollars at the time to lay in more JBA cases Sad . All of my cases have shortened on firing but the JBA set back the least. I managed to get hold of one of the BACo 50/110 cases to try and still have some of theirs based on the 348 cases. All have worked without issue but for my part I've not had the ability to swage the rims either in diameter or thickness. Once fired though I'm not sure the rim thickness is as critical if being shot in the same rifle ?
rgds.. J.B.

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