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NMLRA Spring Nationals
06-03-2019, 05:45 PM
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NMLRA Spring Nationals
Heads up cartridge gunners. The NMLRA is running a provisional cartridge gun match at the Spring Nationals coming up at the end of next week. Hopefully they get a good turn out. Wish I would of known about this earlier, would of made a good effort to get there.

Provisional Black Powder Cartridge Aggregate
There will be two parts to the aggregate. One will be a knock down 40 shot silouette match; the second will consist of a 3 paper target match with the field of fire being 2 targets at 200 yards and one target at 300 yards. All paper targets will be 13 shots, the best 10 for score. NRA rules will apply for all equipment being used.
When shooters purchase their aggregates, be sure to get your packets from the Target Desks.
Plaques will be awarded to the top 3 places aggregates only.
Aggregate BPI Black Powder Cartridge Aggregate
Match 350 Match 853 Match 854 Match 855
Silhouette Sheets (40 shots) 200 yards, B-19 target
200 yards, SCH-3 target
300 yards, SR-3 target
Targets will be scored using the center of the bullet. Targets may hang one relay. All shots must be fired in that relay, unless you have an alibi. The competitor will be responsible for posting and pulling their target. Competitor will need transportation
when posting their 300 yard target.
Only black powder or Pyrodex may be used. No smokeless powder in any quantity may be used. Cast or swaged lead or lead alloy projectiles only.
Rifle with iron sights maximum weight 12 pounds 2 ounces.
Rifle with scope maximum weight 15 pounds.
The NRA Silhouette Rules for Black Powder Cartridge Rifles shall be the final word on equipment questions.

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