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Smithmoor Cup Writeup
05-29-2019, 09:35 AM
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Smithmoor Cup Writeup
Friends and Shooters, May 25, 2019
As most of you know, the Smithmoor Cup BPCR Silhouette Championship was held this past Saturday at the Smithmoor Range in Carpenter, Wyoming. It turned out to be a really fun match and we are quite pleased with how it all went. Like so much of the country, we have been in a very wet and cold weather pattern for some time. The Tuesday before the match saw 10-12 inches of snow fall and stick on the range! Unbelievably, the snow melted and we had a decent day on Saturday for the Smithmoor Cup Match. Thank you Lord for the help with the weather! The rain settled back in and has dropped considerably more moisture since resulting in some flooding and lots of mud!
There was nearly a full house for the match with 22 of the 25 slots filled. The weather was fairly warm with a strong breeze all day. It was probably the trickiest wind I have ever shot in where you could actually make some sense of it. What I mean is I have shot in worse wind where we could never make figure out how to shoot in it and the shots went who knows where each time, but this one you could kind of figure out, but it was tough! It was a tail wind that was almost hard enough to blow the targets over. It would constantly switch back and forth from 4 to 7 o'clock. It was definitely challenging, fun, and a little frustrating. The scores on the board don't look all that amazing unless you were there. There was some super shooting that went on when you account for that wind.
Momma Lorraine did a taco bar for lunch. We took a short break to enjoy the spread of fixins' and desserts. It was pretty darned good, let me tell you! Thanks so much for the fantastic lunches Mom, they really make our matches great.
I thought one of the more fun events of the day was the fifth station where we shot for a smallest group challenge. Similar to what we have done in the past, we had two 36" gongs at 500 meters next to the rams. The left one was for unlimited sighters and the right one was reserved for 5 record shots. The groups were measured and reported by our target setters. We had three super prizes to award. We broke the shooters into two classes, those being A and AA and those in AAA and Master class. A/AA class received a gift certificate for a Buffalo Arms Mould donated by Buffalo Arms, AAA/Master received a set of the awesome H.M. Pope books by Warren Greatbatch and Tom Rowe and donated by Tom Rowe ($250 value!), and the overall smallest group received a full case of Swiss powder donated Schuetzen Powder. Wow! Talk about some nice prizes! A huge thank you goes to our donors! Carl Eliason won the mould for A/AA class with a 12" group, Jack Odor won the AAA/Master class with a 11 1/2" group, and Mark Pachares narrowly earned the Swiss Powder with a 11 3/8" group. Mark and Jim had fun spotting and shooting together all day and they made a great team to shoot that group.
You can pursue the below scores and all the great pictures posted on facebook and our website ( for all the juicy details, but I do want to mention the winners here. In general 4th place received a new spotting board donated by Buffalo Arms Company, 3rd Received a Wyoming Sight Drifter donated by them, 2nd got a really cool Smithmoor RTIC insulated water jug, and first place took home one of the coveted Smithmoor Champion Custom Buckles. The overall match winner received a buckle, a Smithmoor RTIC water jug, and possession of the Smithmoor Cup for the year. We were very proud and pleased to be able to offer what we thought was a super group of prizes.
A class was won by close friend, veteran shooter, and selfless promoter of all things BPCR Dick Hennebry with a 19. Doc Bement kept Dick's shots going down range. AA went to Dick Farmer with a super 27. This was Dick's last AA match as this score will put him into AAA class. Super job Dick! For those that don't know, Dick shoots with his brother JD and they make a great team and are a ton of fun to have shoot with us. Great spotting JD! AAA class was won by Jim Rodebaugh with a respectable 26 and Mark Pachares doing the spotting. Jack Odor took master class with a 27 with Hugh Wilson spotting. Through the gallant efforts of my spotter, Jack Odor, I was quite pleased and honored to shoot a 29 and take home the Smithmoor Cup for a second year. Thank you Jack! I so enjoy shooting with you and can't thank you enough for all of your help and support. I couldn't have done it without you, pard!
Thank you to all that shot and supported our Smithmoor Cup Championship! We have a great time putting these matches on and it is truly a pleasure serving such a great community. It is because of you, the shooters and donors, that we have been able to create a premier BPCR silhouette range. Please review and remember our list of sponsors as you shop for shooting supplies throughout the year.

Take care my friends,

PS. The write-up for the Rocky Mountain Regional 22 BPCR matches will follow shortly!

Thank you to our Sponsors!

 Schuetzen Powder Energetics
 Wyoming Sight Drifter
 Buffalo Arms Company
 Walther Arms, Inc- RWS
 SPG Sales
 DZ Arms
 Skyline Center
 Starline Brass
 The Single Shot Exchange
 Treebone Carving
 Western Powder
 Wolf's Western Traders
 Decot Hy-Wyd
 Green Mountain Barrels
 Walter's Wads
 Midway USA
 Wolfe Publishing Co.

Shooter Group Chicken Pig Turkey Ram Total Place

Jack Odor 11 1/2" 2 10 7 8 27 1st
Michael Rix 4-22" 3 9 6 2 20
Cody Smith 4-16 1/4" 4 9 9 7 29 MW

Roger Buechler 17 1/2" 1 8 1 0 10
Richard Bement 20 1/4" 1 10 5 6 22
Jeff Woodring 23" 2 9 3 6 20
JD Farmer 18 1/2" 1 9 8 6 24 4th
Joe Kapler 3-6" 1 dnf 7 7 dnf
Jim Rodebaugh 12" 2 10 7 7 26 1st
Mark Pachares 11 3/8" 2 9 4 9 24 3rd
Hugh Wilson 4-29 1/2" 2 9 7 6 24 2nd

Don Hubbard 3-21" 0 5 3 4 12
Carl Eliason 12" 1 6 5 6 18 3rd
Logan Eliason 19" 0 9 8 6 23 2nd
Dick Farmer 15 1/4" 2 9 8 8 27 1st
Thom Moore 22 1/2" 0 9 5 4 18
Kenny Wasserburger 15 3/4" 1 7 3 3 14

John Brooker 17 1/2" 0 7 7 4 18 2nd
David Heintz 3-15 1/4" 1 5 4 3 13
Dick Hennebry 12 1/2" 2 8 4 5 19 1st
Cole Sauer 3-6 1/2" 0 4 3 3 10
Cecil Sauer 3-13" 0 9 2 3 14 3rd
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05-29-2019, 10:56 AM
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RE: Smithmoor Cup Writeup
Thanks for the write up.

A wise man can always be found alone. A weak man can always be found in a crowd.
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