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The little 40/50 BN
05-18-2019, 10:32 PM
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The little 40/50 BN
Hunter got some good trigger time in on Thursday. He quickly got on the 200 yard target and rang it with ease, but the 400 yard target eluded him. He shot all around it but never did hit it. About 8 or 9 shot in to the 400 yard shooting session he asked if we needed to clean the rifle because he wasn’t hitting it. I said give me the rifle! He handed me the rifle and a loaded round. I chambered the round and smacked it shooting off hand. He smiled after he heard the steel sing, and said I guess we don’t need to clean the rifle DAD!

I believe the biggest obstacle for him was that he wasn’t keeping his cheek on the rifle consistently. I showed him how I shot, and he could see what I was doing but kept lifting his head up when he shot. He needs more practice shooting. He will get more consistent the more he pulls the trigger. After shooting 40+ rounds he decided that he was going to hunt this fall with this rifle. I told him that this rifle has never made meat. Hopefully he will change that come September and October.


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05-19-2019, 07:19 AM
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RE: The little 40/50 BN
Stephen seeing the young lad on your posts here over the years he is growing up fast. That little sharps looks like the perfect rifle and caliber for him.

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