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Pedersoli Competition Rifle 45-110
03-21-2019, 12:50 PM
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Pedersoli Competition Rifle 45-110
I have a Pedersoli Competition Rifle (Shiloh LRE clone) that I had a gunsmith rechamber to 45-110. The gun has a MVA rear vernier sight on it, suitable for shooting to 1000 yards (actually a bit more).

The MVA sight (MVA soule sight) was rebuilt by MVA immediately prior to me buying it from a fellow shooter. As such, prospective buyers understand the value that the MVA sight brings to the package on its own.

I should have 200 pcs of Norma brass and some other brass that will go along with the gun. Additionally I have a 540 gr Hoch nose pour mould that will go with it.

Not all the Norma brass is cut to length. It originally is Norma 45-120 brass. Cut back it fits the chamber perfectly. If someone has an interest, then I will double check the exact number and make of the brass that I do have

I am asking $2000.00 plus shipping and insurance. This will get you into the game all in one shot (pun intended) except for reloading dies. I have run less than 50 rounds through the gun. Without doing any load development, it shot 3" 200 yard groups off sticks.

The gun has no damage to it. I do need to take it to my gunsmith friend's shop and stamp 45-110 on the barrel as it still says 45-70.

The gun weighs pretty much the same as a corresponding Shiloh. Of course Shilohs fit and finish is far above the Pedersoli and their prices reflect that.

Pictures on request.

The Pedersoli Comp. Rifles have significantly increased in cost the last few years, I am passing along the savings that I experienced when I bought it prior to the price increases.

I also have a unique, 1 of a kind Shiloh 45-110 that Kirk (Shiloh owner) built for me that I possibly would sell. It has a 34" heavy round round that equates to their 34" heavy diameter at the root (tulip) and at the muzzle the barrel measures in diameter at the muzzle what the 34" heavy would measure across the points. Essentially it is an octagon barrel that wasn't octagoned. This one is a bit more in cost of course.

Contact me if interested on either.
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03-25-2019, 02:34 PM
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RE: Pedersoli Competition Rifle 45-110
The MVA sight is the #100 Long Range version and also includes the Hadley eye cup. There is a spirit level front sight with inserts. The sights themselves are currently $532.00 from MVA (for the soule and hadley eye cup).
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