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1911 .22 pistol
06-27-2017, 10:11 PM
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1911 .22 pistol
Well it finally happened......Carolyn shot her little Ruger SR-22 to deathSad I had to send it back to Ruger for a problem I could not find a solution for so it went back. I would bet she has put a case of .22 ammo through that little thing and is shooting it better then I can.
While in town I stopped at the only gun shop around and they had a 1911 Rock Island Armory XT-22. Man is that a fine piece!! it feels like a 1911 .45 Government in every way but I let him put it back under the glass. I wanted to do a little research on this and also the Browning 1911 .22 but the XT-22 sure looks good and the factory is just a short distance down the road from me if a problem ever happens.
This 1911 is as tight and well made as my 1911 Gold Cup is.
Do any of you shoot the XT-22? I like to hear how it functions and it is finicky with seatrain ammo.


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