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Full Version: Primos Trigger Stick
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Anyone use these for hunting? If so, your experience and advice is welcome regarding their utility with 10-12 lb rifles and two- versus 3-legged versions.
Caprock I don’t know what kind of hunting you plan on doing with it but I’ve carried a mono shooting stick for around ten years on the side of my pack. I’ve probably used it twice when killing an animal. The problem I found with the one I had is it wasn’t very fast to set up. Standing, sitting, kneeling it didn’t matter it takes time and animals don’t stand around for long. I still carry it but now it’s used as a walking stick. I can also sling a deer quarter on it too. Shooting off your knee, pack or free hand is a more effective way to spot and stalk hunt here in wyoming. Now if you were going to set up in a spot and wait for the animals to walk by that’s a different story. My cousin who has hunted Africa several times likes the tripod style shooting sticks, he swears by them.
Most generally my mono pole is a tree where I hunt Smile
but yes I carry one that is sized for kneeling and it can be used for sitting also leaning it back some. This one I used a .50 BMG case and I soldered a pole barn spike in the case neck to stick it in the ground. Works very good and I cary it in my belt when I stalk or still hunt like deer feeding.

I used a three-leg trigger stick on a 10 day hunt in South Africa with a 9.5 lb rifle. My PH loved the utility of it so much I left it with him.

In Zimbabwe I used a two-leg set of sticks with the canvas "pouch" that the rifle rested in - 11.5 lb rifle.

Once you get used to either, they work for the intended purpose...field shooting critters from point blank to ~300 yards.

The two-leg sticks adjust elevation by simply setting up with the sticks angled back towards you and you elevate by moving forward.

The two leg version is quieter, faster, and less prone to breakage as they are simpler.

If I had to hunt with one version the rest of my life, I'd go with some variation of the two leg cross stick.
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