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Full Version: Made it to the mailbox
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Winter has set in here on the high plains, lots of snow and wind, roads closed more than they're open and all that jazz.
Made it to the mailbox this morning, mostly just looking to see how bad the roads were plugged up. Looks like the mail man made it on Friday.
Didn't get the latest issue of BPC News, but holy moly lookey here is a big white envelope from Ms. Lucinda and inside is the 2020 edition of the Shiloh drool book.Big Grin
Spend your time reading here https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=m...2up&seq=10 instead digging holes through snow getting to the mail box. Smile The man that put that snow there will in time remove it.
Well it goes a bit deeper than just getting to the mailbox. Have one neighbor with the fuel pump out of their tractor, and no way to get to town. Another that their furnace quit last night, and needing to either get to town to get parts or get a repair man up. School bus runs tomorrow again, and it's looking like those kids are going to have an extended Thanksgiving vacation, and about 1/2 dozen folks that work in town going to need to burn vacation or sick days...
If you stop and think how it was in the past and you needed something after a snow storm you bundled up and walked. School was never closed because of a couple inches of snow like they are now. The buses maybe would not run to every house in the country to pick up the kids but you made your way where they ran and got on there. Town kids made it to school or were marked absent.
I went to school in a one room country school and rode a bike or took the horse. Took turns starting the fire in a potbelly stove and took out the ashes and filled the coal bucket.
In the winter we just kept more food in the house and when the powder went off the oil fired space heater came out or the wood stove got fired up.
Sometimes I wonder if we were not better off back then then we are now.
We just don't get the winters now like we did.

Did get a path opened to the mancave
Smile and th thing all the previous years you were worried about not getting enough moisture. That is a nice man cave. I don't remember seeing it when I was there.
I'm digging myself out of the mole den and making a man cave on the top floor. Friday I got another gun safe and drug that 680 LB iron box in the house, Carol wouldn't let me drag the Winchester wide body safe out of the basement. My little 33 HP New Holland tractor just about tipped over with the front and rear wheel coming off the ground with that safe off center in the bucket.
Now I can buy more rifles to fill up two gun safes. Big Grin

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Yeh we had a horrible drought from about 98 thru 2014, have had some good moisture on occasion in the following years, so maybe the severe drought is over and with enough snow pack we can eventually quit having to have wells deepened or new wells dug.
Put that Man Cave in 2 years ago.
I hope you made the windows so you can shoot in a warm place in the winter Smile
You guys are just showing off ! First you have snow... and then purpose built 'man caves' . Still 'dry as' down here with bush fires burning. All this with summer barely started. Not sure my neighbours would appreciate me practicing out the window here... but it would certainly make the papers. Wink

(12-01-2019 03:47 PM)Kurt Wrote: [ -> ]We just don't get the winters now like we did.

Maybe not as often, but even the old timers around here say year before last year was as bad as any they'd seen. I remember 64 and 78. but I think the conveniences are better to cope with them now . Plus I'm not out feeding cows in it, I'm out playing in it. (sorta)
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