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Full Version: My 2019 Lodi
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I have the results of the Lodi American Creedmoor Match and the Wisconsin State Championship Match.
First of all a big congratulations to Jim Kluskens, Mark Schuenke and Steve Farringer for the fine finish on some very tough conditions winning the American Creedmoor Match. It was a hard one coipition for sure.
It started with a rain delay and heavy over cast conditions during the day with mist now and then plus wind changes that were hard to keep up with.
Steve was a first time shooter and did a outstanding job, plus a fine fellow to spend time with.

The Wisconsin State Championship;
Jim took first honors again followed by Bob Walline and Mark Schuenke.
The conditions were with Sun out for a change but the normal Lodi wind shifts that are hard to keep up with, but all in all the match was well organized and well run.



Thanks for posting these scores Kurt.
Glad to see they had a better turn out than last year.
It was a good match Don. But more important, the shooters are a top bunch. I had a tough time and I came to the realization that it's time to take the tang sight off the long range rifle and put a scope on it as much as I hate to go this route. I been fighting it for several years but it's time.
The final Wis. St. match on the last day I took off the tang sight and put the scope on it. At first I thought it was a mistake because I had no sight settings and the ground was wet so no dust and it took quite a few shots during the sighter time and I had to finally go for score and missed the first 4 shots before I found paper at the 1000, but as time wentI finally figured out how not to over adjust the idiot knobs and by the end of the 800 I was getting it.
I just can't even read the number boards and had to count targets not to cross fire and when clouds passed over the target disappeared. So I guess that scope has to be it if I want to keep shooting.
If it wasn't for Bob Saathoff helping my spotter finding my hits the 1000 would have been worse. TNX agn Bob

Thanks for sharing the results.
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