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Full Version: Shiloh .45-100 for sale
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Shiloh Sharps 1874 Saddle Rifle .45-100, 28 inch heavy octagon barrel, D&T with MVA bases, full buckhorn sight, “B” serial number, has a small ding on schnable tip and on left side of stock grip, some brass included. $2300 shipped

[Image: A81923-A4 ... -A9953.jpg]

[Image: 11-A04-B7 ... FEB375.jpg]

[Image: FFDCD228- ... 454-BE.jpg]

[Image: 5900805-F ... -AD727.jpg]

[Image: 45-100.jpg]
I have 85 pieces of new Starline brass with .45 2.6 head stamps, the globe front sight with just a post insert, the MVA scope bases, MVA tank sight base, a Lawrence rear sight, and an unknown make hunting style tang sight included along with the screws

sold pending funds
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