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Full Version: Phoenix begins
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Practice day before the big shootlpalooza begins.

Steve Fogler, and Steve Farrington discussing how to read a limp wind flag.

Shooter from Holland, enjoying the Phoenix sun.

Zack wondering how to put 1/6 minute left in the rear sight.
Looking at the blue sky, flag and shorts the scores better be high Big Grin
I would imagine they will be, there's some pretty big gunners there from the sounds of it.
You didn't go down?
I sure wanted to go to AZ this winter. When I go I'm just 70 miles north but the Gypsy wagon had some warranty work done and it was in the shop better than a month and the weather turned bad by the time I got it home. Just as well because Carolyns 96 year old Mom needed some help.
Next year Smile I always say that Smile
No wasn't able to go, my appendix said screw it I'm out of here.
Wishing you a speedy recovery Don!
Thanks Mike. Doing pretty good, just not good enough to make the long drive to Phoenix, and probably shooting 8 days wouldn't be a prudent thing to do at the moment.
Heal fast Don!
I hope you get better fast Don. I'd have loved to be there too but it just wasn't in the budget this year.

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