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Full Version: Thanksgiving
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Well it's Thanksgiving tomorrow and I would like to post a Happy Thanksgiving to all who frequent this forum. Getting ready to go duck hunting, glad to still be shooting and wish everyone a blessed day.
Right back at you Bill.
Good luck on the duck hunt. One of the great hunting intineray's.
Thanks for the warm wishes Bill. Good luck with your hunt. I would like to add my wishes to Bill's, Happy Thanksgiving to all. A special thanks to Don for providing this forum. Tim.
Good luck with the hunt.. We will be waiting for a report.. Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Duck hunters in this family too. Wild turkey and venison for tomorrow’s dinner though. Thanks for the warm wishes. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!
Have a Happy and Blessed and Safe Thanksgiving
Good Ole Mississippi River 9 geese 10 ducks
Thank ya Bill! Wed. I saw about 100 Canadians in the river , so its time!